Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dirking Off #21 - NBA Preseason - '11/'12

Dirking Off #21 Podcast*

Mavs nonalysis including:

Analysis of the moves: Carter, Chandler, Odom, Drew Neitzel
New segment: Splatrick's 60 Seconds of Anxiety

Music: "When Hammer Hits Stone" by RTB2


  1. * I think $20M for four years of Barea is too much. Most definitely. In particular for the Timberwolves (which by the way, if the Wolves signed the deal, it should make you wonder if it is a good one). I was thinking 3-yrs, $10M.

    * I don't buy VC as a replacement for Tuff Juice. Butler is a much better defender than Carter, plus there is something that can't be quantified about Vince's tendencies to disappear (see, 2009 playoffs). I would have rather spent those $10M on Stevenson.

    * I am concerned that Odom's feelings may be hurt at some point, since the expectation is that the Mavs will cut him next year, since only $2.4M is guaranteed for next season.

    * Haywood is a good center. Good enough to be the starting center on a championship contender in my opinion. I think he doesn't get any respect in the media. It seems like they forget he's even on the roster.

    * I am glad you commented on how much people seem to forget that the Mavs have Brendan Haywood. Not only do we have him at center -- he is a really good defender. He is not as good a help or zone defender as Tyson is, but a team could do much worse than Haywood. Also, about the claims that Dallas never played defense before Chandler got here: I think Dirk was very clear in several interviews in which he gave Avery Johnson the credit for starting the defensive focus of the Mavs, followed/improved by Carlisle's system. He gave credit to Chandler for bringing a lot to the table on that end of the court, of course, but it seemed to me that he was making sure it got said that the Mavs had been improving defensively for several years.

    * Oh, and by the way: I loved the signing of former Seattle Supersonic Delonte West, who didn't get a mention on the podcast, if I remember correctly.

  2. Good work this week from 3PD & Splat. I really hope you're right about Haywood. I would hate to have to tell you "I told you so." for everyone's sake.