Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dirking Off #20 - NBA Preseason - '11/'12

Dirking Off: Episode 20*

Mavs nonalysis including:

Tyson Chandler and the Disease of More


The longest Mavs victory lap ever.  To wit:

*Music: "When Hammer Hits Stone" by RTB2


  1. i would argue that deshawn stevenson is more accurately represented in the glorious picture above than one diminuitive puerto rican.

    on another note, you guys are good at...stuff... regarding the mavs. keep up the solid work.

    maybe a few minutes could be spent on this hellacious schedule our boys have to undertake.

  2. As a fan, I hate to see Chandler go, but I was bracing for this since way back around February or so. It came about when I decided I wanted to buy a Chandler jersey, but decided to wait until after the season to see if he re-signed with the Mavs. However, I don't fault him for taking the longer/larger contract elsewhere (looking like NYC).

    What I think we'll have trouble replacing that wasn't mentioned on the podcast, is Chandler's perimeter help defense. What he did helping out on Russ Westbrook and LeBron, I don't think many big men can do. A good way to address this would be to improve defense from the wings. My hope is that Corey Brewer is up to the task. All in all, he was too expensive/high-risk, so I think the Mavs did the right thing letting him walk. By the way, I was also okay with the 1 yr, $20M offer they made. It's not about the actual dollars, but about the cap space next offseason.

    I think a bigger hole (not literally, of course) to fill will be the backup point guard. I think between Rudy Fernandez, DoJo, and Roddy B, the Mavs can replace JJ's scoring, but not one of them has shown they can run the point (I've heard people say that Jones has good PG instincts, but I haven't seen this). Perhaps we should figure out how to trade for Goran Dragic, since the league rooster-blocked the CP3 trade that would have sent him to Houston(seriously).

    I think this year the Mavs can win 42-45 games and make some noise in the playoffs, but winning it all will take some extra pieces, which will be hard to get since the front office is only offering short-term contracts, and we don't have much we could trade away to get a quality vet with an expiring contract.

    I can't remember what else was discussed (aside from this: http://www.broderbund.com/p-278-the-print-shop-30-professional.aspx), but perhaps I have said plenty already.

    Anyhow, enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to the next one.

    P.S. Maheemee, Boobwa